Deluxe Clavicle Support

Deluxe Clavicle Support Indication:
Shoulder harness, Kyphosis and back straightener collar bone
Scapula For Posture Corrector
Shoulder Harness Brace

Product Details

7038 Deluxe  Clavicle Support

Quick Details:

Item Number:  7038- Deluxe Clavicle Support                          Color:  Beige Or Black

Brand Name: OEM/ODM                                                           Package & Delivery: Primary Packaging Poly-bag

Specification: CE/ISO13485/FDA                                                                                 Final Packaging Carton   

Place Of Origin:  Xiamen, China                                                Carton Dimension: 62*55*41cm

FOB: Xiamen                                                                               QTY/CTN: 125pcs

Delivery Time: Around 30 days                                                   Size: S/M/L/XL


☆Figure 8 Brace/Shoulder Support Ideal for clavicular fractures and posture correction 

☆Clavicle Brace Back straightener support, collarbone or scapular

Features and Benefits:
※This kind of posture corrector very strong, durable straps ensure stability

※Clavicle Brace with easy on and easy off,  Contact closure for easy adjustment

※Movable O-rings allows for proper adjustment                

※Backpack construction pulls shoulders back to align a clavicle fracture or to provide postural support.

Customer Question And Answers:

Question:  Does this correct slouching?

Answer:   It will definitely help. I'd also try strengthening your shoulder blade muscles - there's some good ones in Bulletproof Your Shoulder. Good luck! 

Question:   Are you able to put this on by yourself?

Answer:   As I use this device for posture support and do not have an injury I can put in on by myself. I adjust the tightness with it off first then I raise both hands over my head and slide it down so it is loosely on top of my shoulders. I then pull one shoulder back at a time to get it in position. Someone with an injury, such as a clavicle fracture which is what this device is designed for, would need assistance to get it in place.

Question:  Is this something that could be easily concealed under my dress shirt and suit at work?

Answer:   Yes, however, I would wear a t-shirt under the support or it may be somewhat uncomfortable.