Universal Shoulder Immobilizer

Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer Indications: For treatment of traumatic Post-surgical immobilization

Product Details


It is one of many available types of shoulder immobilizers, which is used to eliminate or minimize shoulder abduction and rotation. It is  also used in the fractures of clavicle bone and the shoulder joint where immobilization of the region is required.


-Universal design, it is suitable for everyone use,no matter the man,or woman.

-Can be worn on the left or right arm with removable waist strap.

-Adjustable wrist cuff and shoulder strap that you can change to your own size easily and quickjly to make yourself comfortable.

-It is specially designed to provide mobility,protection and support for daily use as your hand is injured,unable to move casually.

-It is light weight that it won't be your burden.

-Made of soft and comfortable material, it is breathable,providing a easeful using experience.

-It is portable that you can bring it at your pockets.

-Durable with long life span,convenient to maintain,and it is cost effective.

-Flexible but strong, it is easy to operate with simple structure.

-High quality,it is perfect for medical care, such as  clinics,health recovery center and hospitals.



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