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What's The Main Function Of Back Brace

Nov 10, 2017

Back brace is use to protect our waist. It's function not limited to warm but for waist disease. Recently the back brace widely use for  a long time standing station workers and who work in offices a long time.

Is there have the orthopedic funtion of the bace brace? Yes, Of course, For patients who's lumbar discomfort, It is necessary to add steel bars or resin slats behind the waist to fix the body shape, reduce the bending and relieve the pain. However, this plank must be firm and pliable! In this sense, high-quality resin slats due to flexibility, than the average steel strip will be better. Only the flexibility to be able to correct the back bending, restore the posture when tall and straight, will not feel pain or twist pain

A good back brace can not only fixed waist, warm, but also the continuous release of far-infrared, negative ions. And to the human body has brought micro-current thermoelectric stimulation effect. Can effectively improve blood circulation, relieve muscle fatigue, activate cells to promote metabolism, clear the meridians, expelling wind and dampness, analgesic to the cold, enhance the body resistance to disease. Product safety, easy to use, lasting effect.

J-brace is a proffesional orthopedic products manufacturer. We design more than 10 kinds of the back brace for our customers. All of them base on our customers' requirements and patients' feature to make.

In 2017, we design a new kind of back brace which very popular in American market. More details contact Mily@j-brace.com