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How To Use A Cam Walker

Apr 08, 2017

Cam walker is also known as fracture boots, Aircasts, CAM boots, Foot braces, Orthopedic boot and so on. It wider use for the treatment  of ankle fractures and the stress fractures of the lower leg.


Application of the cam walker should be advised by professional doctor or you need very clearly of the type and extent of your problems. The frequency and duration of use should be determined by your prescribing health care professional.


As we know, it is important to choose a right size cam walker, it will easier to foot stability and movement.


For the first time application, loosen straps and remove liner from boot.


Then place boot in liner and secure with contact closure. Fasten the foot flaps on the liner first, making sure they are snug, Wrap and fasten the leg portion of the liner, again making sure that it is snug from the bottom to top.


Spread the uprights apart using both hands and step into boot.


Place the straps through the matched slits and secure boot straps at the toes working your way up the leg towards the knee.


Regarding J-Brace cam walker. We are designed it to fit both  of left and right leg. The boots have light-weight open frames that promote ventilation. Basically, these boots are designed with user-friendly features to increase the comfort level of the patient significantly.


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