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Albert Law Needs Cervical Collar To Support His Neck

May 05, 2017

2 Dec - Veteran actor Albert Law surprised many recently when he appeared at the TVB Award Long Service Presentation Ceremony with a cervical collar.

According to Mingpao, the actor, who admitted to be suffering from herniated intervertebral disc (HIVD) previously, shared that while he couldn't walk previously due to the pain in his waist, he was able to do so eight months ago.

However, the ability to walk comes with a price, and that it has severely affected his neck to the point that he has to rely on the collar most of the time.

"I've seen a lot of doctors, but none of them can determine the cause of the neck problem. The only thing I know is that four of the muscles in my neck became loose, so I have to rely on the neck brace for support," he shared.

When asked if his condition has affected his finance, Albert, who was last seen in TVB's 2015 drama "With or Without You", stated that he is lucky to have several investments and that TVB has been very understanding about his situation.