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What type of elbow pads?

Nov 30, 2018
Tennis Elbow Support

Sports elbow pads:

1 has super elastic, breathable and hydrophobic.

2 Prevent wrist damage, enhance wrist strength, beauty, comfort, fully express sports posture, easy to wash.

3 For health: a small investment will bring a huge harvest.

Simple elbow pads:

The two-sided stretchable material can provide the most basic stability and warmth of the elbow joint, and is suitable for wearing in more gentle limb movements.

Maintenance of rehabilitation elbow pads:

This elbow is especially suitable for rheumatoid, rheumatoid and other joint patients. It is different from the thickness and hardness of the elbow. On the contrary, it pays more attention to keeping warm and thin, and it has higher requirements for sweating and ventilation. This type of elbow pads is made of Tianmeilong fiber, which has the highest insulation in all fabrics and has a strong sweating and venting function. Therefore, Tianmeilong elbow pads are also used for adjuvant treatment.