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What are elbow pads?

Nov 20, 2018
Tennis Elbow Brace Tennis

Elbow pads, professional sports goods, refers to a kind of protective gear used to protect the elbow joints. With the development of society, elbow pads are basically one of the necessary sports equipment for athletes. The elbow is one of the hardest parts of the body. The chance of an injury on the elbow of the athlete is very low, but many athletes still wear elbow pads to prevent muscle damage.

The elbows connect the upper and lower arms, and the arm movements are ingeniously and harmoniously integrated, allowing the arms to bend and straighten and rotate back and forth for a better performance. However, high repetitive labor, excessive exercise, and tendon fatigue caused by sudden trauma can lead to conditions similar to tennis elbows and golf elbows, resulting in limited elbow movement angle, which can affect the bending and straightening of the elbow.

The joints formed by the tibia and the tibia and ulna of the elbow joint make the hand bend and straighten and the rotation of the anterior and posterior rotations are more perfect. Excessive repetitive work, excessive exercise, sudden trauma, resulting tendon fatigue and inflammation. The production of swollen pus, such as tennis elbows and golf elbows. Direct impact on the back side of the elbow or long-term compression, friction, will produce bursal bursitis, affecting hand function caused by elbow movement angle is limited. In addition, the muscles of the upper arm are injured, which will affect the bending and straightening of the elbow.

For tendons that are often injured in the elbow, the elbow pads are restrained by the application of appropriate pressure on the injured tendon, which reduces the degree of damage to the affected part due to excessive contraction. The design of the elbow protector even has the effect of relieving pain and avoiding fatigue, and assists the function of the hand to be more coordinated.