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Walking stick for the elderly how to buy? Teach you the 5 tips

Dec 08, 2016

A, selected materials

Essential material, related to staff security. Walking stick for the elderly elderly will bear part of the weight, so you cannot use split during the case. Metal walking stick for the elderly is a good choice.

Second, walking stick handles

A comfortable crutch handles can make older people feel well, try to choose some soft handle or handle of a size suitable for the elderly hands, this can be based on personal preference.

Three, the bottom end of the stick in baotou

Crutches should be at the bottom has the strength and toughness of rubber, rubber walking can help increase friction, for much of the ground. Stick the rubber at the bottom to ensure high flexibility and tooth is still clear. If the tooth seems to have spent needs new header needs to be replaced.

Four, stick to a few feet

Under normal circumstances, if the physical condition of the elderly is not so bad, select walking stick on one foot is sufficient, but if the balance for the elderly poor, or have a history of stroke, arthritis or leg injuries, poor support, the best choice for many feet, to enhance support to the body.

Length of five, crutches

Cane length is also very important, is too long or too short will make support for the elderly is not natural: crutch for too long, cause the body to lean on, easily lead to elderly foot stepped on false; short canes, you must bend over forward, uncomfortable walking. Crutches most appropriate height should be when the person stands at attention, hands down, walking sticks from the ground reaches wrists of skin between the perpendicular height.