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Some knowledge of how to select a home oxygen concentrator

Dec 08, 2016

Home oxygen concentrator does not like anyone needs daily supplies, everyone needs, who knows. Tend to buy oxygen people are desperate for, or older family members or patients not suitable, doctors recommended; either family to have pregnant women, pregnancy oxygen is in short supply, the prevention of fetal hypoxia.

General needs oxygen most of the crowd were elderly, especially respiratory diseases such as asthma, old and slow, or are heart disease, cancer, and other groups. This segment of the population due to certain organs of the body is diseased, resulting in body organs don't work properly, preventing the body's oxygen intake, resulting in hypoxia. But with the Office environment and smaller, more closed, environmental hypoxia also has become one of the status quo, many Office people sit still for a long time, the space is closed, so it will cause severe hypoxia, leading to some health problems. Therefore, home oxygen becomes more prevalent in sight, more and more important, has also become a gift on the market a new generation of health giving gifts.

Some knowledge of how to select a home oxygen concentrator

When we select a home oxygen concentrator must first understand the users of good health, is used for health care, or secondary treatment. If used for health we can use smart regulation, if it is used for physical therapy, best buy can be adjusted. Because the old man's illness is not necessarily, it may get better or it may get worse, the body's need for oxygen is also different in different periods, adjusted as needed to adjust. Oxygen for life, the following section is to the left of any adjustable, right this is smart regulation. Smart regulation means corresponding to the concentration and flow rate is one by one, you can select the stalls, there is relatively less. Intelligent adjustment and a concentration of benefits is the remote control can be used to regulate the flow, when it came to replacing the gear is more convenient, so for people with reduced mobility is very practical.

Then there is the oxygen-oxygen-making technology, market as well as most of the industrial oxygen oxygen generator technology, is to use chemical oxygen, oxygen-rich membrane oxygen plants, for example, the easier levels of toxic gas, is not recommended, has been largely out of the market now. Another type of oxygen PSA technology is matter, it is the physical oxygen, separated oxygen directly from the air, and then exclude nitrogen. We all know that 27% is the oxygen in the air, and nitrogen 70%. So this type of oxygen safe and of course oxygen system determines the level of oxygen efficiency, oxygen I choose to live because he uses an integrated micro-molecular sieve oxygen generating system, according to industry guy said, this oxygen efficiency is high, I bought it. I personally feel that, since extracting oxygen from the air, then oxygen should be placed in a well ventilated place, our family was in the living room, with long oxygen tube, so noise was much smaller, but fortunately, home oxygen concentrator oxygen life noise is relatively small, which oxygen than I previously bought some smaller brands.