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Reasonable purchase home medical equipment

Dec 08, 2016

Medical devices are widely used, from blood, umbilical paste, cotton signed old wheelchair, medical device subject of a concern for many consumers buy, think of home medical equipment network, product documentation, and several point of view, scientific and rational selection of regular home medical equipment.

First, check clearance certificates, medical equipment at home and abroad to register with the national or provincial food and Drug Administration approval, obtain permits before it can be sold, production permit number must be printed on the related instructions and product registration number, the certificate can query the State food and Drug Administration on the Internet. If not, is a fake and shoddy products, consumers can complain about.

Second, learn how to read medical device classification, based on product risk, national unity was divided into one, two or three classes, the higher the category, the higher the degree of risk, class III medical devices cannot be purchased by itself, so before you buy, ask product categories and security risks to the business.

Third, select the regular channels, Masao medical store or medical device business, merchants have the medical device distributing Enterprise license and business licenses and other qualifications, after sales service is guaranteed.

Four, under the guidance of doctor recommended buy, because medical devices are mainly used for diagnosis and treatment, so to read the instructions before purchase, clarify the role of the product, using the methods and considerations and taboos.

Five, not blindly listen to propaganda, exaggerating the effect of when some businesses sell, promoting a "cure-all", "magical" effect, so that consumers spend a lot of money still bungle illness, at the time of the registration and approval of medical devices, its range are subject to stringent certification, which are written in the manual.

Finally, the purchase invoice, the invoice is proof of purchase, warranty, complaints about the quality of the product useful, convenient after-sales and human rights defenders.