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Purchase of medical equipment to the attention of the three

Dec 08, 2016

To understand the scope of products. Consumers in the purchase of medical equipment to read the instructions carefully, and clarify the mechanism of the product, the applicable scope, use, precautions and contra-indications, some to be used under medical supervision to buy, don't trust selling.

Second to view a product license. Medical devices must obtain legal qualifications before they can go on sale, such as product registration number, license number. Should be printed on the packaging, instructions for medical devices products and manufacturers of legitimate license number. If the product does not have a corresponding valid certificate number on the packaging, instructions, is not a legitimate medical devices. Consumers can log on to the State food and Drug Administration Web site to search.

Bill of the three sought to buy the product. Bill is consumer proof of purchase, product warranty, quality plays an important role in the complaint. Consumers should be at the regular place of business to buy medical equipment, and obtain relevant notes, never easy, cheap, would not be able to maintain their own rights.