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J-Brace Night Splint

Aug 23, 2017

J-Brace specialized in orthopedic bracing items to our distributors. We sell a variety of orthopedic bracing for injury management need. Congratulations, J-Brace Plantat Fasciitis Night Splint very hot selling in 2017, It got good feedback from our customers with high quality and good medical function. Below are some knowledge for it.

Pain studies show that sleeping in Night Splint can cignificantly reduce morning pain. You can wear night splint every night for up to several months. Then you can gradually reduce how often you use them as your symptoms go away. It's important to choose a right night splint which is comfortable and fit your feet.

J-brace produce differen kinds of night splint, just like Dorsal night splint, Adjustable night slpint, 90 degree night slint and so on.