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Home Water Purifier purchase method and essentials

Dec 08, 2016

With the worsening water pollution situation, plus the people's attention to water health, tap water, boil water, drinking fountains and other traditional water treatment methods cannot meet the needs of healthy water, home water purifier is a lot of household water treatment options. Market development of domestic water filters are not mature enough, people lack the cognitive system for Water Purifier, a lot of people are asking Home Water Purifier good that you choose, this article will be systematically introduced to help you better choose the home water purifier.

Water Purifier uses capabilities of the

Many kinds of household water purifiers on the market, Water Purifier, water dispenser, water softener, drinking machine ... ... Variety name kind of dazzle consumers, do not know how to choose, in General, common household water purifier front filter, Central Water Purifier, central water softener, the Terminal straight drinking machine, their respective functions and uses are not the same, consumers in the purchase of should be understood before.

Front filters: is usually installed on the water inlet pipes after water meter, is the first line of coarse whole-House water filtration equipment, filtration of sediment and rust in tap water, particulate matter, can also be stable, secure the connection at the back of the water purification equipment.

Central Water Purifier: mainly through the KDF filter and activated carbon adsorption to effective water purification, removing sediment, rust, water may contain bacteria, suspended particulate matter, algae, macromolecular organic compounds and other harmful substances, beneficial minerals in tap water is retained on the human body, treated water meets drinking standards.

Central water softener: the replacement of natural resins, such as calcium and magnesium ions in the water, reducing the hardness of the water, softened water, reduce water mineral wear on clothing and skin, skin care, protecting cloth, but avoid mineral water in sanitary ware, tableware, and other forms of macular, avoid water pipes, water heater shower water spots, convenient for domestic use.

Terminal straight drinking machine: five stage filtration process with high precision, water in Terminal to filter tap water treatment, water met drinking standards, unscrew the faucet can be drunk directly, which means that the drink, avoiding secondary pollution, water high activity, high oxygen content, can promote metabolism, boosting the body's cells.