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Home watch buy foot tub needs to pay attention to what?

Dec 08, 2016

Purchase foot tub needs to pay attention to what?

First points: security. Please select a steam heated foot bath, Hydro is completely isolated to prevent leakage.

The second main point: convenience. In order to facilitate the elderly, foot bath can be used as far as possible those easy, less control of foot bath, preferably with automatic program setting.

Third point: health. Foot bath split is a good choice. A multi basin to avoid cross-infection, and also easy to use cleaning and disinfecting.

The following need attention when you buy foot bath:

1, when buying a foot tub requires a live demo, prepare a light pens, see live in the water.

Light pens can detect whether the foot bath leakage

2, steam heated foot bath is a good choice. This type of steam heated foot bath, can make the water completely isolated to prevent leakage, compared to the other directly heated foot bath water heating time will be slightly longer, but more secure!

3, it is best not to buy foot bath with ozone sterilization function, remember from the Internet with strong oxidizing with ozone, despite its sterilization function, can also kill cells, long feet black. Now the refrigerator is not in use the ozone features.

4, the use of older persons, can choose to use the one-button operation automatic program the foot bath.

5, cleaning is convenient. With drainage function, easy cleaning and disinfection.

6, for the elderly, our foot bath with fumigation capability is a good choice.

7, the elderly at home, you can choose a extraction feature of traditional Chinese medicine foot bath, traditional Chinese medicine foot bath.

8, choose the best brands, quality, good reputation, good after-sales service manufacturer. This product passed CQC certification, IEC CB certification with the State Bureau of technical supervision of the inspection report.