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Family first aid kit needs something

Dec 08, 2016

First-aid Manual: general bookstore can buy first aid manual, download binding, basic covers all accidents encountered in life, throat, fingers cut from the bones card, heat stroke, gas poisoning, fractures, Burns, as well as cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, so that we can have order of the start when the accident occurred.

Bandage: wound, wound dressing for small, large, medium and small sizes must have, there are generally two, waterproof bandage, band-aid drug (such as Yunnan baiyao band-aid), are prepared.

Sterile gauze and medical tape, disposable gloves and tweezers: this is slightly bigger in the event of any injury, were to be used. Sterile gauze is used to isolation and Hemostatic bandage the wound, directly to wounds, needs fixed with adhesive tape. Tweezers used to take swab pinch and other medical supplies, disposable gloves to avoid direct contact with the human body wound to avoid cross infection.

Masks: mainly used to isolate the oral and nasal cavity gas contamination of the wound. N95 masks, in line with the United States food and Drug Administration standards, deadening 0.075 μm diameter particles, the success rate has 95%. You must wash your hands before and after wearing. All official masks are supposed to be disposable, worn once immediately after replacement, in the first aid kit add on new ones.

Disinfectant wipes: used to clean the skin and bacteria, tearing the packaging can be directly rubbed the skin.

Thermometers, single Pack 1 thermometers, normal body temperature 36-37 ℃, mercury left, wipe the underarm sweat clip for 10 minutes. Electronic thermometer can also use press and hold switch to on, place the probe in measuring position until you hear a beep sound, read measured values. Electronic thermometer if household words, 5 years no problem, if you use very frequently, it will shorten the time.

Antibiotic ointments: there is help, our help, chlortetracycline ointment, erythromycin ointment, more commonly, in which David helped is a prescription drug. In situations such as abrasions caused by knee and elbow, can be applied within the protection of exposed skin.