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Experts advise consumers to purchase home medical equipment note 6 details

Dec 08, 2016

First, under the guidance of a doctor purchase. Medical devices are used in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, should heed the doctor's advice before purchasing, use under the supervision of a physician. Although many medical devices are aimed at "home" sell, there are more and more people recognize the convenience of their home, but some medical devices is to use more stringent conditions should be done under the guidance of professional, not out of convenience. Medical equipment before you buy, read the directions carefully, ask the sales staff or doctor, and clarify the mechanism, scope, methods of use, precautions, contraindications, and according to the doctor's advice and choose to buy and use their own.

Second, view the operator is not eligible. Sales of medical devices prescribed by the State must possess the necessary qualifications, having a medical device distributing Enterprise license and the business license. Consumers should look closely at the business units has a license, meet temporary mobile sales, set up stalls for sale, purchase carefully, so as not to be deceived.

Third, could not trust salespeople propaganda. At the time of the registration and approval of medical devices, can cure disease or what are the scope, to undergo a rigorous certification and records this information in the product registration certificate attached to the product registration on the registration form. Product specifications must be based on the registration form in the "scope of products". When consumers buy the consultation to view the full product description, it is best to check with the registration table contents are consistent (some dealers can provide copy). Special attention is that when some businesses sell products not in accordance with the approved scope of advocacy, even exaggerated effects. Disseminate content encountered inconsistent flyers, using guides, case presentations, publicity "effect of magic", "cure diseases" must be very careful.

Four, read the product information carefully. Now products are packaged, a lot of information, but key information is often easy to overlook. Such as packaging, instructions must be stamped with the manufacturer's production permit number, product registration number, product packaging should also have product specification, as well as certificate and so on. So, without a production license, and product registration numbers, or counterfeit products, or is not a medical device

Five, do not trust their own feelings. There is now a kind of experiential marketing mode. This model focused on the emotional service, through the free trial experience to attract consumers. Trials are often affected by psychological action, seems to work well.

Six, you ask for a receipt. When consumers buy medical equipment make sure you ask for purchase invoices. Official receipt is proof of purchase, warranty, complaints about the quality of the product is very useful, some engaged in illegal sales are often no formal instrument, so you shouldn't save the cheap.