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Choose the blood glucose meter to five points

Dec 08, 2016

Blood glucose meter to buy recommendations:

1, from an economic point of view to consider: the calculated amount of test strips and economic

First you calculate you or your family need a piece of paper a month, then math so much paper how much money you can afford to, in the context of this paper consumption costs to find the corresponding blood glucose meter

Accuracy of 2, from the point of view to consider: to understand the type of glucose meter with test strips and family medicine

If your family does not take non-glucose sugars (Xylose, maltose) drug, can choose either glucose dehydrogenase test strips (Roche Abbott, etc), you can also select glucose oxidase test strip (Bayer Johnson); If you family members receiving treatment with drugs other than glucose sugars, you can only select glucose oxidase test strip.

Choose the blood glucose meter five

1, see accuracy

Is a primary concern of buying blood glucose meter accuracy. Home blood glucose meter accuracy reach biochemical Analyzer measured blood, but the test value and the measured blood glucose value should be similar, differences between the smaller the better. Some glucose meters has a built-in correction function can be obtained with biochemical Analyzer measured blood results, purchase priority.

2, see instrument operation

Should pay attention to whether the used Lancet, instrument readings function is sensitive, battery replacement is easy. Volume of blood required for testing should not be too much.

3, see practical

Should be easy to carry, to facilitate monitoring at any time while you are out. Procedures should be simple, if a step more, patients prone to failure when the self-test. For elderly patients or merge those with vision loss, should choose the display font, numbers, simple enough glucose meter.

4, see the features

Pay attention to the size of memory capacity and with the time and date functions. Don't have the time or date stored results, it is difficult to distinguish between postprandial blood glucose, and fasting blood glucose values. Some glucose meters has abandoned automatically strips, automatic startup, calculate the average functions, will bring convenience to the routine testing of patients.

5, see price

Not only depends on the instrument's price, but considering the cost of supplies, such as paper, batteries, blood sampling needle can give priority to cost-effective products as a whole.