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Choose Massager, also depends on the standard

Dec 08, 2016

Different people different needs

Sedentary less active people in the Office, you can choose in offices and households can be used, particularly with respect to various parts of the massage appliance. To knead the neck and shoulder to beat back combination of kneading, vibration, heat, head, eye pressure (pneumatic) massage.

Osteoporosis in old man almost all issues, so that older people with massage, partial massage, adjustable body Massage Chair, to promote blood circulation, and metabolism.

Sports massage is mainly aimed at the crowd of muscle, more suitable for kneading massage function, muscle function and local heating products, such as full body massage Massage Chair.

Not everyone is suitable for massage products. Have skin diseases or damaged skin, and surgical critical care patients, open wounds, there is blood and bleeding tendency, the frail can't afford minor practices the role of the people and is not suitable for use, in addition, extreme fatigue, intoxication, hunger and fever within half an hour after a meal, not body massage women during pregnancy and menstruation are unfit for the abdominal massage.

Massage should be appropriate

At the time of purchase, consumers are going to the Mall experience on the ground, it is best not to buy online. Malls generally investigate such enterprises were qualified, Internet brands mixed, security may be lacking, not real experience. In addition, quality massage products from soft to strong massage are relatively smooth and effortless, adjusting the force apparently feel cheap Massage Chair power distinction is not obvious. When consumers purchase, the best experience the strength and technique, select the Ayurvedic products.

Select massage products, pay attention to the selection of brand name products. In addition, when choosing a massage product depends on the appearance of exquisite workmanship. Massage chairs and home environment components, color and overall environment compatible.

Daily use of Massager, generally no more than half an hour a day, can result in muscle tissue and fat. Some consumers believe that massaging the stronger, more pain, health effects as possible, this view is wrong, massage pressure should be moderate in order to feel comfortable, it's too heavy can cause muscle and soft tissue injuries.