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Advantages of Elbow Pads

Nov 23, 2018
Tennis Elbow Support Brace

1 Heat treatment: warm and humid heat treatment is the focus of most coaches and rehabilitation doctors to treat injured joints and tendons. The elbow pads are made of high-grade elastic fabric, which can be completely adhered to the use part to prevent the body temperature from being lost, relieve the pain in the affected part and accelerate the recovery.

2 Promote blood circulation: The heat of treatment maintained by the elbow pads promote blood circulation of muscle tissue at the site of use. This effect is extremely beneficial for the treatment of arthritis and joint pain. In addition, a good blood circulation can more exert the motor's motor function and reduce the occurrence of injuries.

3 support and stability: elbow pads can enhance the joints and ligaments against external forces. Effectively protect joints and ligaments.

4 Lightweight, breathable and elastic material, comfortable to wear, with good support and cushioning effect, machine washable, easy to wear, suitable for running, ball and outdoor sports.