Adjustable Universal Lacing Up Wrist Brace

Adjustable Universal Lacing Up Wrist Brace Indications:
Post-cast healing and soft tissue injuries,Tendonitis
Post-operative stabilization
Wrist sprains and strains
Carpal tuennel syndrome

Product Details

2005 Lace-up Wrist Brace

Adjustable Universal Lacing Up Wrist Brace

Quick Details:

Item Number:  2005-Lace-up Wrist Brace

Size:  Adult/Pediatric

Brand Name: OEM/ODM

Package & Delivery: Primary Packaging Poly-bag

Specification: CE/ISO13485/FDA

Final Packaging Carton

Place Of Origin:  Xiamen, China

Carton Dimension: 62*55*41cm

FOB: Xiamen

QTY/CTN: 300pcs/CTN

☆Carpal tuennel syndrome
☆Post-operative stabilization
☆Post-cast healing and soft tissue injuries, Tendonitis

☆ Wrist sprains and strains

Features and Benefits:

※Adjustable Universal Lacing Up Wrist Brace Single pull lacing allow one-hand application, easy to use

※Perforated suede provides exception product durability; cooler to wear
※Aluminum stay pre-bent and is removable make the adjustable universal lacing up wrist brace wear so easy※Thumb cut-out: allows better opposition

※Polypropylene felt provides maximum patient comfort, wicks moisture away from skin , It's a very comfortable  adjustable universal lacing up wrist brace


Products details

1 Velcro design make the adjustable universal lacing up wrist brace easy to close and fit the skin well, stabilization well


2 High density elastic fiber weaving technology make the wrist brace easy to adjust the tightness, make it more comfortable.


3 Shoelace bundling design make the acing up wrist brace adjust well and fit well.


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