Finger Extension Splint

Spring Coil Finger Extension Splint Indication: Volar capsular fibrosis of the IP joint and flexor tendon adherence Damaged extensor tendon "boutonniere" deformity Ideal Use for Finger Joint Stretch Problem

Product Details


It is one of the finger rehabilitation apparatus which is designed to promote the recovery of the wounded finger,especially having a operation.It helps you work well in daily life,reducing the inconvenience of your life.


-Unique finger joint movement design to stretch and band finger,comfortable and healthy.

-Professional scientific nursing along with joint curve design to promote the recovery of your finger

-Stainless spiral spring and EVA soft liner is comfortable to wear.

-Diffrent bending angle of practice can be achieved by adjusting the spiral spring.

-Small size that it is light weight and portable that you can place it at home or office.

-Ideal use for finger joint stretch problem caused by finger injury and long-term arthritis.

-It can be used for long-term self-treatment owing to its easy operation and durability.

-It is applicable to interphalangeal joint extension dysfunction caused by various reasons.

-It is universal that you can adjust by the length of your finger.And it is convenient to wear and take down.It is easy and convenient  to maintain and clean.

-What to mention is that it is cost effective and practical that almost people can afford it.And it is available  for your left and right finger.



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