Philadelphia Neck Collar

Philadelphia Cervical Collar Indications: Ideal for immobilization of subluxation and dislocation of cervical spine Cervical traction therapy Cervical spondylosis

Product Details


Item :  Philadelphia Neck Collar                     

Color:  Skin

Material: EVA Composite Material  Velcro

Brand Name: OEM/ODM                                                       

Specification: CE/ISO13485/FDA                                                                              

Place Of Origin:  Xiamen, China                                              

Carton Dimension: 62*55*41cm

FOB: Xiamen                                                                          

QTY/CTN: S-60PCS/M-50PCS/L-50PCS                                    

Material: EVA Composite Material  Velcro


Comprised of 2 separate parts, it is applied in the front and back of the neck and attaches with velcro at the sides. Typical uses for this collar are after fusion surgery, significant strain of the neck muscles, sprain of the neck ligaments or after fractures, all of which can cause instability of the cervical spine.This makes it ideal for supporting the neck following trauma and surgery, in long term conditions such as rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

It is also suitable for wearing after a cerebrovascular accident and for people with motor neurone disease.


-Porous design,not only breathable,but also convenient for patients who need intubation.It features an opening, allowing for emergency care to be performed without needing to remove the entire collar.

-This head support is waterproof, enabling individuals to bathe or shower while recovering.

-It restricts movement of head to immobilize the cervical spine and provides support for your neck,recovering better and quickly.

-Its special collar area molded for a supportive and comfortable fitting at the shoulders, neck and around the chin.

-Made of  light weight and flexible  material that you can wear this neck immobilizer for as long as your doctor recommends, even at night when sleeping.

-Easily removable because simple hook and loop fasteners makeit easy to remove and put, washable with soap and water.

-Easily adjustable by velcro type fittings.

-High quality,stable and smooth operation,excellent performance.

-Available in three sizes that you can choose based on your own situation.




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