Philadelphia Neck Brace

Philadelphia Cervical Collar Indications: Ideal for immobilization of subluxation and dislocation of cervical spine Cervical traction therapy Cervical spondylosis

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Item :  Philadelphia Neck Brace                    

Color:  Skin

Specification: CE/ISO13485/FDA                                                                         

Place Of Origin:  Xiamen, China                                               

Carton Dimension: 62*55*41cm                                              

Samples: Available 

Material: EVA Composite Material  Velcro


It is made of high quality plastic foam, designed according to the shape of human body shoulder neck.It is  a  kind of neck braces with  plastic sheet supporting and  air holes around the neck brace, which is suitable for fixation of cervical vertebra fracture, dislocation and reduction fixation, etc.The product is suitable for cervical spondylotic radiculopathy and has obvious therapeutic effect on neck pain caused by long working, studying or driving.


-It serves a variety of purposes. It can stabilize your neck after cervical spine surgery, or it can provide non-surgical relief if you've experienced trauma or injury to your neck.

-It is easily wrapped around the neck and secured with velcro.

-Made of foam, it is flexible and comfortable,fully protecting your neck.

-With holes around the neck, it is breathable  which is allowed the wind and air to pass through.And it is convenient to  have an access for the operation if there is an emergency without taking down the neck collar to cause the secondary damage.

-It is resistant to the water and steam that you can feely have a bath or take a shower while the recovery.

-Flexible and soft enough that you can wear it even when you sleep,which won't disturb your sleep.

-High quality  with long life span that it can be used for a long time.And it is easy to maintain and clean.

-It is available in three different sizes, enabling you to choose the size that fits you perfectly. 




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