Neoprene Ankle Support

Neoprene Ankle Support Indication: Acute ankle injuries Post-cast and post-walker support Chronic instability Stable malleolar fractures

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It is one of the most popular ankle supportswhich is  designed to provide support for people with the inability to lift their foot up due to paralysis of their anterior leg muscle group. It retains natural body heat to help soothe aching muscles and maintain flexibility, providing firm, uniform compression to support a weakened ankle and offering moderate protection from bumps and bruises.


-It can help treat and prevent many causes of ankle pain and ankle conditions including:ankle sprains and strains,ankle swelling,ankle instability and arthritis.

-With the high-tech, perforated material, allowing perspiration and moisture to escape for extended wearing comfort.Made of neoprene,it is flexible and soft. Invisible stitching and heat seal seam tape for added comfort and durability. Effective support and value to keep you comfortably active.

-Open heel design allows a wide range of motions during activity and still provide support for the ankle tendons and joints.

-Crisscross straps stabilizes the ankle to restrict plantar flexion and guides the talocrural joint and Achillis tendon to proper motion.

-Excellent for use in athletics and occupational activities.Ideal support for post-surgery recovery and general protection against acute and chronic ankle straing caused by high intensity exercises.

-It is waterproof that you can take a shower or even engage in an activity that takes place primarily in the water. 

-It can be worn interchangeably on your right or left ankle.Each side with three springs which can be removable to easily change the rigidity.



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